The Legislation

2015 Women’s Economic Security Agenda

Minnesota women and men should not have to choose between their jobs and their families.  The Women’s Economic Security Agenda promotes policies that support family caregiving and strengthen family economic security.


Ensure affordable, accessible childcare for all Minnesota families (support the the Kids Can’t Wait campaign)  HF 1059/SF 1200

  • Eliminate the waiting list for Basic Sliding Fee childcare assistance to serve all eligible families
  • Support small childcare businesses throughout the state by increasing reimbursement rates for child care providers  and by providing technical assistance for childcare entrepreneurs in underserved communities (rural/communities of color)
  • Expand the refundable Minnesota dependent care tax credit to help more middle income families

Provide additional opportunities for working families to fulfill their caregiving responsibilities (support the Working Parents Act) HF 1093/SF 1085

  • Require employers to provide earned, paid sick and safe leave to all Minnesota workers, allowing workers to earn 1 hour of paid leave or every 30 hours worked (support Minnesota Benefits campaign)  HF 549/SF 481
  • Create a Minnesota Family Leave Insurance program that provides partial wage replacement for men and women caring for a new child or a seriously ill family member  HF 580/SF 779
  • Support “schedules that work” for more Minnesota families (included in HF 1093/SF 1085)
  • Provide additional protections and remedies for workers who are discouraged from using or discriminated against for using sick or family leave time they have earned or are entitled to under current law

Place and retain more women (who are increasingly the primary breadwinner for their family) in non-traditional, high-wage jobs

  • Provide additional and/or base funding for the Women in Nontraditional Work grant program
  • Create a venture capital/microfinance program to provide start-up capital for women-owned businesses in high-impact sectors (targeted to rural women, women of color and low income women)
  • Expand the use of FAIM accounts for business start-ups through technical assistance and additional incentives
  • Ensure that women receive their fair share of the living wage jobs created through state and federal transportation and other infrastructure investments with improved workforce targets and increased incentives for state contractors

The Coalition will also be an Ally on other legislation that advances economic security for Minnesota women and their families, such as:

Reproductive Justice:

  • Provide all women access to no-cost contraceptives through their health insurance (support the CHEER Act)  HF 1165
  • Expand availability of culturally-appropriate health care education for Somali mothers and babies  SF 1391

 Retirement Security:

  • Create a new state run Secure Retirement program


  • Fund a “Getting to Work” grant program for nonprofit organizations that provide vehicles, vehicle repair, or vehicle loans to eligible workers and job seekers
  • Provide MFIP recipients additional support for transportation costs (MFIP Workforce Transportation Bill)  HF 869/SF 734


*** Our ALLY Agenda is a work in progress.  Additional legislative proposals may be added.  Please contact us for more information